Below you will find several wallpapers made from my photos, that you can download for free onto your computer. For now, these wallpapers are only available in widescreen sizes - 1280 X 800, 1440 x 900, 1680 X 1050, but soon will be available for other display resolutions too. If someone wants a certain size wallpaper, he/ she can ask me and I'll adjust it for him/ her.

The easiest way to save the wallpaper and put it on your desktop is: choose one of those three sizes available for each wallpaper depending on the resolution you are using on your monitor, click the button and the wallpaper will open in a new page/ new tab. Here, right click and choose from the Context Menu the option "Set As Desktop Background" if you are using Mozilla Firefox or "Set as Background" if you are a fan of old Internet Explorer.